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As the largest Sunday school on the island, The Bahrain Mar Thoma Sunday School is proud to have around 450 children and 48 dedicated teachers on record. All teachers have successfully completed Quality Improvement Programme organized by the Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam. The Sunday school is striving hard to bring every child to Jesus as the motto says “Come to Jesus, bring every child to Jesus


Youths are the future that we would witness tomorrow, and this future of our parish has its own mission in the form of Yuvajansakhyam. Ever since its inception in the year 1973 it has been the backbone of the parish.Among the various other activities the most appreciable Social commitment has been their Blood donation camp and the organizing of fellowship meetings at bachelor's accommodations and the labour camps. The Silver jubilee was held in the year 1998 making a dream turn into reality in the form of various projects for social concern in India and Bahrain. This year the Gulf Youth Conference would be held in Bahrain under the auspice of Riyadh Congregation and it's mentionable that YS-BHR is the pioneers of the Gulf Youth conference.


At Sevika Sangham we have the ladies of the Parish gather every Friday evening for fellowship and prayers. We take gratification in pointing out their major contribution to the society in the form of hospital visits which they organize every month. The Bahrain Center at Kerala is a very important contribution they have offered to the society where aged destitute are taken care off. The SS in the parish is very active and participates in all possible manners to the spiritual growth and plays a major role in the society.


"Every Marthomite should be an evangelist" a vision of His grace the Late Abraham Mar Thoma metropolitan took shape as the Voluntary Evangelistic association in Church and EM in parishes. In the year 1980 under the able and wholehearted guidance of our past vicar Rev. I C Philip EM started functioning. Every Sunday evenings the EM gathers at parsonage for fellowship. House visits are conducted on Mondays and fasting prayer on Wednesdays. Amid the said regular programs the most substantial work is seen in "The reach out program" helping the bachelors and labours enjoy the fellowship of the members whilst their visits in the camps. We take pride in mentioning that EM-BHR is one of the most effective and active between the EM's of other Mar Thoma parishes.


It gives us immense peace as we gather every Friday for the worship and hear the blessed choir. There are no words that can be used to describe the choir, which has presented their service in conducting a blessed and holy worship. The carol service presented by the 72 Members choir is worth admiration.


Long life is a gift of God. With long life, I will satisfy Him” (Psalm 91:16).

All church members above the age of 40 years are considered to be `Senior Citizens’. Most of the senior citizens are healthy enough to be engaged in various activities and some of them are confined to their homes due to ill health. It would be ideal if parishes were prepared to support these first generation Marthomites with different physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. The church could make good use of their experience, expertise and wisdom for the betterment of all their members. It would be ethically immoral if we do not fully support these pioneers who came to an unknown land, did hard labor to support their families here and in India, helped their relatives and the needy in the Bahrain and in India and contributed immensely to the growth of global Mar Thoma Church. The generation that cares for its aged, is blessed! Joshua in his old age exhorted his people to go forward without deviating from God’s commandments, and remembering the ways God had guided and protected them.

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